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Help us shape the future of North West Cullompton

Mid Devon District Council is updating the adopted North West Cullompton Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (the 2016 Masterplan) in response to the new local planning policies in the Mid Devon Local Plan and is now consulting you on the changes.

The Mid Devon Local Plan Review 2013-2033 adopted on 29 July 2020 revised the local planning policies for the NW Cullompton urban extension and allocated two new parcels of land.  The relevant policies in the Local Plan are policies CU1 to CU6.

This SPD is an update to the 2016 Masterplan SPD only and the changes are limited to those necessary to reflect existing changes to Local Plan policies, and to ensure consistency with planning permissions already granted on the NW Cullompton Urban Extension.

The key revisions to the 2016 Masterplan that Mid Devon consulted on now are:
  • Updates to reflect adopted Local Plan policies
  • Inclusion of three areas of land allocated in the Local Plan but not previously masterplanned
  • Removal of provision for temporary construction access through St Georges View
  • Update to Framework Plan to reflect adopted policy and three planning permissions already granted
  • Updated phasing and infrastructure delivery sections
  • Updated appendices
This website was set up to give you an opportunity to comment on the revised draft SPD. This public consultation is now closed.

What is this all about?

The North West Cullompton Masterplan was adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) in February 2016.

Since then, Mid Devon has adopted a new Local Plan that updated the policy framework for North West Cullompton, and allocated a further two areas of land.

The Masterplan SPD is now being updated to reflect the new Local Plan policies and to include the two additional areas of land now allocated, and a further area of land that was excluded from the 2016 Masterplan.

This consultation was carried out to ask you what you think about the revisions to the 2016 Masterplan SPD that are now being proposed.

Why is this happening now?

Policy CU1 of the Mid Devon Local Plan 2013-2033 allocates land at North West Cullompton as an urban extension, including 1350 homes, employment, local centre, primary school and other community facilities.

The policy requires the urban extension to be masterplanned and the masterplan adopted as an SDP before planning permissions are granted. Whilst most of the urban extension has already been through two stages of public consultation, the inclusion of the new areas and the updating of the policy framework now requires formal public consultation.

Through this consultation, Mid Devon asked for your views on the revisions.

What are the key project stages?

Cabinet approval of the masterplan for public consultation

17 May 2022

Formal public consultation

May and June 2022

Website, comments and interactive map open

May and June 2022

Community events

May and June 2022

Review and finalisation of amended SPD

July and August 2022

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